# SwiftUIメモ. UIKitとの対応表

# UIKit ⇔ SwiftUI


UIKit SwiftUI
UILavel Text, Label
UIImageView Image
UITextField TextField
UITextView TextEditor
UISwitch Toggle
UIButton Button
UITableView List
UIColorPickerViewController ColorPicker
CollectionView LazyVGrid, LazyHGrid
UINavigationController NavigationView
UITabBarController TabView
UIAlertController with style .alert Alert
UIAlertController with style .actionSheet ActionSheet
UIStackView with horizontal axis HStack, LazyHStack
UIStackView with vertical axis VStack, LazyVStack
UIDatePicker DatePicker
MapKit Map
UIProgressView ProgressView
UIImagePickerController with sourceType .camera なし
PHPickerViewController なし
UIActivityViewController なし

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